In early 2020,  locals were alerted to plans to build 5 large warehouses on a wildflower meadow and woodland at Weekley Hall Wood in Kettering.
A small group came together to fight the plans, and the Save Weekley Hall Wood Constituted Community group was born.
Since then, the team has grown to include planning experts, councillors, amateur naturalists, photographers and many more  - all of whom wish to save the area.
The campaign group centres their efforts around community engagement and involvement- the nearly  19000 signatures on the petition to call a halt to the plans are a  testament to the work the group has put in. 
Hilly Holly magazine was created in order to give something back to the many people who support the campaign -  it is funded entirely through donations from local businesses and individuals.

Meet The

Hilly Holly Team


Adam Riley

Adam is a carpenter,  amateur naturalist, bird lover, wildlife photographer, husband, and father to 2 sons. 

He joined the Save Weekley Hall Wood campaign in early 2021, deploying nest boxes, information podiums and signs at the woods in order to engage with visitors. 

Adam started Hilly Holly magazine because he firmly believes that community engagement is critical in the fight to save the wood and wildflower meadow.

If you have a story, an idea for a feature or anything else you'd like us to include in the magazine, please get in touch.

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