Autumn '21

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Kettering comes together

Even bad weather couldn't dissuade hundreds from attending  the Pleasure Park Community  Festival in aid of Save Weekley Hall Wood.

Weekley Hall Wood and me

Janice Hay

Janice has been visiting Weekley Hall Wood since she was a child.

Here she reveals how her trips sparked a lifelong passion for botanicals, and influenced her work as an artist.

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Why should we care about habitat loss?

Habitat loss is one of the greatest threats to wildlife throughout the world, leading to declines, and near extinction in countless species.

The Bishnoi Massacre

A tragic event almost 300 years ago has been echoed throughout time, and lead to the term Tree Hugger becoming synomymous with environmentalism.

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The wellness benefits of spending time outdoors

Have you ever noticed how going for a walk helps to clear your head, and how much better you feel afterwards?

Things to look out for this autumn

Fungi, migratory birds and Autumn colours are discussed in this edition,

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Spotlight Species


This edition we focus on that most distinctive of Mustelids - the Badger.

Foragers Fieldnotes

Hawthorn ketchup

Easy to make, and super tasty this Ketchup recipe is sure to be a hit.


kettering comes together - again!

300+ people demonstrate outside the Council Offices as councillors decide the fate of an application to build a single warehouse at Weekley Hall Wood.