Weekley Hall Wood and Me

  • Weekley Hall Wood and Me is no more than 2 A4 pages.

  • The following is a guide to word counts:

  • Full page: 1,200 words no photos, or 600 words + photos/diagrams/illustrations.

  • Half page: 600 words no photos, or 300 words + photos/diagrams/illustrations.

  • Quarter page: 300 words no photos, or 100 words + photos/diagrams/illustrations.

  • If possible, include photos/diagrams/illustrations.

  • Articles should be sent to Adam Riley by email (editor@hillyhollymagazine.com) with atatched Word/PDF document and any graphic material supplied at full resolution as eps, pdf, jpeg or tif files attached to the email, or alternatively a link to Wetransfer.

  • Greyscale and colour images should be saved at 300dpi and vector graphics at 600dpi. 

  • Submitted material may be subject to editorial revision or may not be published at all (in particular, if similar material is submitted by another author). Copyright in material remains with the author, but the author authorises Hilly Holly to publish that material and to allow it to be reproduced - for example on the HH website.

  • No payment will be made to contributors, however, contributors who have the equivalent of four pages published in a calendar year will be listed as a aprtner on the "Our Partners" page.